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François Lavoué

François Lavoué

Post-doctoral visiting scholar
E-mail: lavoue@mines.edu


François Lavoué is a post-doctoral visitor in the CSM Department of Geophysics. He is currently working with Prof. André Revil, while interacting with the faculty and students at the Center for Wave Phenomena, as well. In 2014, François received his PhD in earth sciences from the University of Grenoble, France, where he worked at the Institute for Earth Sciences (ISTerre) under the supervision of Dr. Stéphane Garambois and Pr. Jean Virieux. He also holds a BS degree in geosciences from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1, France) and an MS in geophysics from the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (Université Denis Diderot - Paris 7, France).

François' PhD research work focused on the multi-parameter full waveform inversion of ground-penetrating radar data (GPR). For this work, he received the Best Student Paper Award at the 7th International Workshop on Advanced GPR (IWAGPR 2013).


François' current research interests include the joint inversion of GPR data with low frequency electromagnetic measurements, the use of prior information in geophysical imaging, and the parameterization of the geophysical inverse problems, both in terms of petrophysical description of Earth's materials, and in terms of mathematical representation of subsurface images, using sparse or geostatistical approaches.



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