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Guillaume Caumon

CWP visiting scholar
E-mail: gcaumon@mines.edu


Guillaume Caumon is the Nancy School of Geology Professor in Geomodeling at Université de Lorraine, where he teaches 3D modeling, programming, geostatistics and field classes. Guillaume is doing research at GeoRessources on 3D subsurface modeling methods to integrate subsurface data and geological knowledge while accounting for uncertainties. His research interests include: numerical modeling, processing and visualization of geological objects and inverse problems. Since 2007, he has been directing the Gocad Research Consortium, which received the Significant Achievement Award from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists in 2009. He also received the Vistelius Award from the International Association of Mathemetical Geosciences in 2009 and served as Deputy Editor for the journal Mathematical Geosciences in 2012-2014.

Prof. Caumon is working with Prof. Dave Hale and CWP student Xinming Wu on well correlation and seismic-to-well ties.





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