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Xueyi (Alex) JIA

Country: China
Degree Program: PhD, Geophysics
E-mail: jia@mines.edu

Alex graduated from Peking University with a Bachelor's degree in physics. He then pursued his Master's degree in geophysics at the University of Houston. His past research focused on shear wave characteristics of fluid saturated reservoir sandstones, three-component VSP seismic imaging, and geodetic co-seismic ground deformation analysis. His current research interests are fracture mechanics and seismic imaging. He joined CWP in August 2015 and is working with Prof. Roel Snieder.

Alex enjoys playing basketball, hiking, and cooking.



Alex's research interest involves utilizing multiple scattering seismic waves for complex geologic structures imaging and time-lapse reservoir monitoring. He is currently working on the implementation of Marchenko redatuming and imaging to both synthetic and real Marine datasets.


Marchenko imaging for time-lapse changes










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