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Dec. 6 visit - Paul Fowler, Schlumberger/WesternGeco

Paul Fowler

Paul Fowler,

Paul begins

Dr. Fowler begins his presentation on orthorhombic imaging for unconventional plays and imaging around salt bodies


Dr. Fowler explains the use of quaternions to represent 3D rotation parameters


Nori Nakata receives 2013 CSM Mendenhall Prize

Nori_Nakata CWP alumnus Nori Nakata was awarded the 2013 Colorado School of Mines Mendenhall Prize for Outstanding Graduating PhD and MS Students. The Mendenhall Prize is awarded to graduate students in Geophysics or Geophysical Engineering who demonstrate outstanding academic performance during his/her graduate program, show the ability to conduct cutting-edge research, demonstrate high standards of integrity and professional conduct thought his/her studies at CSM and possess a record of service to the Department of Geophysics beyond his/her academic responsibilities.

Dr. Nakata completed his PhD research at CWP under the guidance of Prof. Roel Snieder and graduated from Mines in 2013. He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Geophysics at Stanford University.


Dec. 5 visit - Heloise Lynn, Lynn Inc.

Heloise Lynn

Heloise Lynn,
Lynn, Inc.

Heloise Lynn

Dr. Lynn explains how azimuthal interval velocities and amplitudes can be used for pre-drill prediction

Bruce presentation

Dr. Lynn addresses a query about the horizontal stress field of her model


Bharath Shekar successfully defends his PhD thesis

On November 27, 2013, Bharath Shekar successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. His thesis is titled "Modeling, evaluation, and asymptotic analysis of attenuation anisotropy." He joined CWP in 2008 and conducted his research under the guidance of Prof. Ilya Tsvankin, his CWP advisor. Bharath made diverse contributions to the complicated subject of attenuation anisotropy, including an in-depth theoretical analysis of the Green's function and an interesting case study from a shale reservoir. Congratulations, Bharath!



Shekar, PhD


Bharath addresses the audience prior to his thesis defense


Bharath discusses the outline of his PhD thesis defense


Bharath responds to a question about rays in a smoothed model



Nov. 20 visit - Andreas Rüger, Halliburton/Landmark Graphics

Andreas Rüger

Andreas Rüger,
Technical Advisor,


Dr. Rüger poses with (left to right) CWP student Nishant Kamath, Prof. Ilya Tsvankin and Bharath Shekar


Roel Snieder presents a workshop on shaping careers at KAUST

Roel SniederRoel Snieder, the W.M. Keck Distinguished Professor of Basic Exploration Science at Mines, presented a workshop on November 19 at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST).

Prof. Snieder was invited to address students, post-docs and faculty about shaping careers and how being successful in science often involves intelligence, dedication and a variety of skills. His seminar covered a wide range of subjects, including: choosing a research topic, advising/mentoring, teamwork, time management, career choices, emotional intelligence and the role of ethics in research.



Nov. 18 visit - Bruce VerWest

Bruce VerWest

Bruce VerWest,
formerly of CGG


Dr. VerWest begins his presentation on a broadband marine dataset

Bruce presentation

Dr. VerWest illustrates what happens when bandwidth is increased



Nov. 14 visit - Uwe Albertin, Chevron Energy Technology Co.

Uwe Albertin

Uwe Albertin,
Geophysical Consultant,
Chevron Energy Technology Co.


Dr. Albertin points out shot images from RTM before alignment

Uwe presentation

Dr. Albertin highlights sample data in a synthetic model


CWP research presentations now available on YouTube and Vimeo

YouTube logo Vimeo logo CWP is pleased to announce that our research presentation video recordings are now available on both YouTube and Vimeo. We have channels on each website that are broadcasting CWP faculty and students' research presentations from our 2013 Project Review Meeting.

CWP will continue to add more videos in the future relating to our wide spectrum of research projects. Stay tuned!


Roel Snieder featured in interview by European Journal of Physics

Roel SniederRoel Snieder, CWP faculty and the W.M. Keck Distinguished Professor of Basic Exploration Science at CSM, was recently interviewed by the European Journal of Physics. Prof. Snieder has been serving as a Board Member of the EJP since 2011 and was instrumental in the EJP's efforts to retain its international reputation over the last two years.

The EJP asked Prof. Snieder what encouraged him towards physics, his career, as well as the major challenges facing physicists and physics educators today. Follow this link to read the EJP interview.


Oct. 31 visit - Morgan Brown, Wave Imaging Technology, Inc.

Morgan Brown

Morgan Brown,
Co-founder and CEO, Wave Imaging Technology, Inc.


Dr. Brown and Tariq Alkhalifah, both SEP alumni, exchange thoughts before Dr. Brown's presentation

Morgan presentation

Dr. Brown shares his perspectives on the relationship between geophysics and enterpreneurship


Nishant Kamath presents on multicomponent seismic theory at RCP annual meeting

Nishant presentation On October 24, 2013, A(Anisotropy)-Team student Nishant Kamath gave a presentation titled "Advances in multicomponent seismic theory, acquisition and processing" at the annual meeting of the Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP). RCP is CWP's sister research project at Mines. Nishant's talk was given during a session on multicomponent seismic organized by Tagir Galikeev of Unified Geosystems and A-Team leader Ilya Tsvankin.


Oct. 24 visit - Joe Stefani, Chevron Energy Technology Co.

Joe Stefani

Joe Stefani, Senior Consultant at Chevron Energy Technology Co.


CWP Director Dave Hale (right) confers with Dr. Stefani prior to his presentation

Joe presentation

Dr. Stefani responds to CWP faculty and students' questions

Oct. 24 visit - Christof Stork, Halliburton/Landmark Graphics

Paul Fowler Christof Stork led discussions at the CWP I-team meeting on the subject of full wave inversion (FWI). He introduced, then raised interesting issues concerning FWI. One case in point: do we ask ourselves enough in FWI as to whether or not we have enough and credible data from the parts of a model in which we are truly interested? Considering the overwhelming data that may be present from other parts of the model (especially up shallow), do we take those into account in FWI through data and model conditioning? Christof created plenty of discussion during the meeting attended by CWP faculty, students and friends (Paul Fowler from Schlumberger/WesternGeco, Joe Stefani from Chevron Energy Technology Company).

Oct. 17 visit - Paul Fowler, Schlumberger/WesternGeco

Paul Fowler CWP's good friend Paul Fowler visited CWP to lead a discussion on full waveform inversion, focusing on the issue of long versus short wavelength updates. He started discussions by introducing the subject and sharing results shown on this topic at the recent Society for Exploration Geophysicists annual meeting in Houston. Paul focused on approximately ten abstracts about which the CWP faculty and students discussed in further detail.



Francesco Perrone successfully defends his PhD thesis

On October 16, 2013, Francesco Perrone successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. His thesis is titled "Wavefield tomography using image warping." Francesco, whose CWP advisor is Prof. Paul Sava, joined CWP in August 2008. Following his graduation from CWP, he will move to London and begin his employment with CGG. Congratulations, Fran!


Francesco Perrone

Perrone, PhD


CWP Director Dave Hale (left) introduces Francesco


Francesco begins his PhD thesis defense


Francesco outlines the key points of his dissertation


CWP welcomes visiting scholar Ehsan Naeini

Ehsan NaeiniThe Center for Wave Phenomena welcomes Ehsan Naeini. Dr. Naeini has extensive experience in 3D/4D seismic processing and inversion and he has an MSc and PhD in Geophysics (Exploration Seismology) from the University of Tehran. Ehsan joined Ikon Science in May 2012, as a Senior Research Geoscientist, responsible for the incorporation of latest techniques and developments in the area of reservoir characterisation and seismic data conditioning into the Ikon Science's RokDoc platform. During his CWP visit, he will be working with Prof. Dave Hale in the area of seismic image processing. Welcome to CWP, Ehsan!


Thanks for joining us: 2013 CWP Semi-Annual Meeting

We gratefully acknowledge our Consortium Sponsor representatives and friends of CWP who arranged their busy schedules during the SEG annual meeting to attend our CWP Semi-Annual Meeting on Tuesday, September 24, 2013 in Houston, Texas. Meeting attendees enjoyed catching up with CWP faculty, students and staff over refreshments and appetizers, as well as browsing a showcase of CWP students' research on mini-posters.


CWP SAM guests

Meeting attendees enjoy refreshments and appetizers at the CWP Semi-Annual Meeting

Dave New Students

CWP Director Dave Hale introduces new CWP students (L-R): Mihai Barbu, Loralee Wheeler, Elias Arias, Chris Graziano, Yogesh Arora, Tong Bai and Detchai Ittharat

Satyan poster

Satyan Singh discusses his research on autofocusing on a free surface

Xinming poster

Xinming Wu (facing) speaks about data extraction from 3D seismic images


Vladimir Chi Zhao

L-R: CWP student Vladimir Li poses with Chi Zhang and Zsao Zsao

Kanu poster

Chinaemerem Kanu explains his research on time-lapse changes

Mihai Andrew Loralee

Andrew Munoz is flanked by new CWP students Mihai Barbu (left) and Loralee Wheeler (right)

Yuting poster

Yuting Duan discusses her research on elastic imaging with multiples


Francesco poster

Francesco Perrone highlights his research on time-lapse velocity analysis

Three Doumas

L-R: Huub Douma (IonGeo), Jan Douma (Shell International E&P) and CWP student Johannes Douma

Bharath poster

Bharath Shekar (center) explains his Kirchhoff modeling for attenuative media

Natalya poster

Natalya Patrikeeva discusses her research on comparing angle decomposition methods


Pam Checkin

CWP program assistant Pamela Kraus assists meeting attendees at the check-in desk

Simon poster

Simon Luo (left) listens to feedback on his research about traveltime and amplitude inversion


Prof. Roel Snieder and Prof. Jan Tijmen (Univ. of Bergen) smile for the camera

Ali poster

Ali Knaak points out her results on 3D synthetic aperture and steering for CSEM


Oscar poster

Oscar Jarillo Michel (far right) discusses gradient for FWI of microseismic data in VTI media

Nishant poster

Nishant Kamath (left) provides details of his research on FWI for transmissions in VTI media


Dave Hale addresses CWP Semi-Annual meeting attendees

Pock poster

Detchai Ittharat illustrates research examples from radar imaging the interiors of asteroids


Kurang Jia

CWP alumni Kurang Mehta (center) and Jia Yan (right) share a laugh during the meeting

Johannes poster

Johannes Douma (center) explains his research on finding microseismic events via deconvolution

Toto poster

Esteban Diaz (right) discusses his research on migration velocity analysis using 2-way operators


Dave Hale introduces CWP visiting scholars (L-R): Tariq Alkhalifah, Ehsan Naeini and Gerhard Pratt



Stefan poster

Stefan Compton (center) provides details about his research on automatic registration of PP and PS images

Farhad poster

Farhad Bazargani discusses his findings on optimal wave focusing research



Sept. 16 presentation - Tariq Alkhalifah, KAUST


CWP Director Dave Hale confers with Dr. Alkhalifah


Dr. Alkhalifah readies his presentation to CWP


Dr. Alkhalifah discusses an example of wavefield extrapolation







Sept. 10 visit - Maoshan Chen, BGP Inc.

Maoshan Chen

Dr. Maoshan Chen, Geophysical Specialist, BGP Inc.

Dave and Maoshan

CWP Director Dave Hale and Dr. Chen work on the computation of fault images from 3D seismic images

CWP welcomes old friend and visiting scholar Tariq Alkhalifah

Tariq AlkhalifahThe Center for Wave Phenomena welcomes Tariq Alkhalifah, Professor of Geophysics in the Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering at King Abdullah University for Science and Technology (KAUST).

Prof. Alkhalifah received his PhD and MS in geophysics (1997 and 1993, respectively) in geophysical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. His research interests are in full waveform inversion, imaging and velocity model building for exploration seismic data with special emphasis on media that exhibit anisotropic behavior of wave propagation. He is also interested in seismic acquisition and processing of near surface data for better near surface treatment. Welcome to CWP, Tariq!


Visiting scientist Ernst Niederleithinger returns to CWP

ernstThe Center for Wave Phenomena once again welcomes visiting scientist Ernst Niederleithinger, a senior scientist and deputy division leader at BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) in Berlin. Ernst will stay with us until November 2013. He will be working with Prof. Roel Snieder in the Department of Geophysics, as well as with Prof. Mike Mooney in the Department of Engineering.

Willkommen erneut, Ernst!


Aug. 21 - Gerhard Pratt offers waveform tomography course at Mines


Dr. Gerhard Pratt


Dr. Pratt's waveform tomography course


Students learning from Dr. Pratt

CWP visiting scholar Gerhard Pratt will begin offering a waveform tomography course at Mines. Dr. Pratt, who actively researches new methods in seismic wave modelling and imaging, will introduce students to the theory and practice of reconstructing images from waveform data. He will review results underpinning the waveform tomography method, survey key forward modelling methods that are used, review some principles of inverse theory as applied to waveform tomography, and cover a number of case studies.


CWP alumni Fleury and Vasconcelos receive Honorable Mention for Best Paper in Geophysics

CWP alumni Clément Fleury (currently employed by Total E&P Recherche Développement) and Ivan Vasconcelos (currently employed by Schlumberger Gould Research) received an Honorable Mention for Best Paper in Geophysics in 2012 from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Their paper was titled "Imaging condition for nonlinear scattering-based imaging: Estimate of power loss in scattering."

Clément and Ivan's paper was recommended by the SEG Honors and Awards Committee and approved by the SEG Board of Directors. Click here to view/download The Leading Edge issue detailing Clément and Ivan's Honorable Mention. Congratulations, Clément and Ivan!


Johannes Douma featured in SEG's The Leading Edge

Johannes DoumaCWP student Johannes Douma was featured in the August 2013 issue of SEG's The Leading Edge (Volume 32, Number 8). The article, by Sandra Berg of SEG, describes Johannes as a busy student juggling classes at the Colorado School of Mines and summer internships, who is also on a fast-track to becoming a career professional in the oil and gas industry.

Starting this fall, Johannes will work as a teaching assistant for Prof. Ilya Tsvankin and will present some lectures for Seismology I, a graduate class at Mines. Following graduation from Mines, he plans to make an impact on the field of geophysics using everything he learned from his experiences, as well as to inspire other students to discover geophysics.


July 30 visit - Nikhil Shah and Yanghua Wang, Imperial College, London



Nikhil Shah, PhD, Imperial College, London (currently at Chevron Energy)


Prof. Yanghua Wang, Chair in Reservoir Geophysics, Imperial College, London


CWP visiting scholar Gerhard Pratt introduces Shah before his presentation


Shah discusses the effects of FWI on wrapped/unwrapped phase residuals


July 18 visit - Bruce VerWest (formerly of CGG)


Bruce VerWest, formerly of CGG


CWP faculty Paul Sava and Dr. VerWest discuss research from Sava's CSM undergraduate course


CWP welcomes visiting scholar Gerhard Pratt

Gerhard PrattThe Center for Wave Phenomena welcomes Gerhard Pratt, Professor of Exploration Geophysics from the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Western Ontario.

Dr. Pratt has been actively researching new methods in seismic wave modelling and imaging, having developed a number of innovations in these areas that make possible large scale forward and inverse modelling of exploration seismic data through numerical simulation of the full wave equation. He will be conducting research at CWP from August 2013 to July 2014. Welcome to CWP, Dr. Pratt!


Dave Hale interview by CSEG Recorder

Dave HaleCWP Director Dave Hale was interviewed by the Recorder, the official publication of the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG). Dave was the invited speaker of the October 2012 CSEG Technical Luncheon in Calgary, Alberta and he was interviewed following his keynote presentation on 3D seismic image processing for faults and horizons.


June 4 visit - Huub Douma, ION Geophysical Corp.


Huub Douma, senior geophysicist, ION Geophysical Corp.


Dr. Douma and CWP graduate Dr. Filippo Broggini discuss Filippo's research on wavefield autofocusing and imaging with multidimensional deconvolution


CWP welcomes seven new students in Fall 2013

The following students will join CWP starting with the new semester, when classes begin on August 20:



CWP Advisor

Elias Arias


Dave Hale

Yogesh Arora


Ilya Tsvankin

Tong Bai


Ilya Tsvankin

Mihai Barbu


Paul Sava

Chris Graziano


Dave Hale

Detchai (Pock) Ittharat


Paul Sava

Loralee Wheeler


Dave Hale



Thank you for attending our 2013 Project Review meeting, May 13-16

The Center for Wave Phenomena thanks all representatives from our Consortium sponsor companies who attended the 2013 Project Review meeting of the Consortium Project on Seismic Inverse Methods for Complex Structures. CWP welcomed over 125 representatives from all over the globe during our 29th annual meeting. Sponsor representatives may contact Shingo Sean Ishida, CWP Communications Specialist, if they require any hard/electronic copies of research reports distributed during the meeting. Alternatively, sponsors may click here and use the same Username/Password distributed at the meeting.



CWP welcomes sponsor representatives to the 2013 Project Review meeting


Dave Hale (CWP Director) leads the CWP Tutorial on Day 1


Yong Ma (ConocoPhillips) discusses wave-equation reflection traveltime inversion


CWP student Simon Luo presents on separation of traveltimes and amplitudes in waveform inversion



L-R: Sam Gray (CGG) and CWP Research Associate John Stockwell share ideas during a break


CWP faculty Jyoti Behura prepares to present on improving microseismic imaging


CWP student Xinming Wu addresses a question following his presentation


Longtime CWP friend Christof Stork (Halliburton/Landmark) poses a question to Xinming Wu



CWP student Ali Knaak addresses a question from Paul Williamson (Total)


L-R: CWP students Pock Ittharat, Esteban Díaz, Andrew Munoz and Johannes Douma


L-R: Zvi Koren (Paradigm), CSM Prof. Emeritus Ken Larner and guest speaker Rick Groshong (Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of Alabama)


L-R: Lydia Deng (Halliburton/Landmark), student Stefan Compton, Tongning Yang (BP America) and Pock Ittharat



L-R: Jacopo Panizzardi (Eni S.p.A.), students Francesco Perrone and Bharath Shekar



L-R: Fan Yuanzhong (Shell Int'l E&P), Ali Knaak, Jon Sheiman (Looking Glass Geophysics) and student Farhad Bazargani


Meeting attendees mingle with CWP faculty and students during the poolside evening reception


L-R: Johannes Douma, Pablo Garcia Lopez, Jason Jennings, Filippo Broggini, Chinaemerem Kanu, Clement Fleury (Total), Jacopo Panizzardi (Eni S.p.A.), Francesco Perrone and Joost van der Neut



L-R: New CWP students Chris Graziano, Elias Arias, CWP faculty Paul Sava and Johannes Douma


L-R: Vladimir Grechka (Marathon Oil), Yuanzhong Fan (Shell Int'l E&P) and John Anderson (ExxonMobil)


Jon Sheiman poses a question to student Satyan Singh about his talk on retrieving the Green's function


CWP faculty Ilya Tsvankin takes a question from the audience after presenting on tomographic inversion of P-waves for TTI media



Paul Sava directs the discussion after Natalya Patrikeeva's talk on angle decomposition for wave-equation migration


Dave Hale, guest presenter James Rickett (Schlumberger) and Paul Sava exchange ideas after Rickett's presentation


CWP faculty Roel Snieder discusses synthetic aperture Green's function retrieval


Nori Nakata presents his research on body-wave interferometry using local earthquakes


Myoung Jae Kwon successfully defends his MS thesis

On May 7, 2013, Myoung Jae Kwon successfully defended his Master's thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. His thesis is titled "Two unconventional approaches to electromagnetic inversion - Hierarchical Bayesian Inversion and Inverse Scattering Series." Jae completed his thesis research under Prof. Roel Snieder, his CWP advisor. Congratulations, Jae!

Filippo Broggini successfully defends his PhD thesis

On May 3, 2013, Filippo Broggini successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. His thesis is titled "Wave field autofocusing and applications to multidimensional deconvolution and imaging with internal multiples." Filippo joined CWP in Summer 2008 and he completed his doctoral research with guidance from Prof. Roel Snieder, his CWP advisor. Bravo, Filippo!



Filippo prepares the first slide of his thesis defense


Filippo explains the importance of wave fields


Filippo highlights the role of up and down wave fields


Filippo addresses his audiece


Nori Nakata successfully defends his PhD thesis

On May 3, 2013, Norimitsu (Nori) Nakata successfully defended his doctoral thesis, titled "Seismic interferometry for temporal monitoring" at the Colorado School of Mines. Nori joined CWP as a PhD student in Spring 2012 and conducted his research at CWP under the guidance of his advisor, Prof. Roel Snieder. Following his graduation from CSM, Nori will begin his post-doctoral position at Stanford University in Stanford, California. Congratulations, Nori!



Norimitsu (Nori) Nakata


L-R: Prof. Roel Snieder introduces Nori to the audience


Nori discusses splitting S-waves


Nori takes questions from the audience


Steven Smith successfully defends his PhD thesis

On April 26, 2013, Steven Smith successfully defended his doctoral thesis on multicomponent time-lapse seismic at the Colorado School of Mines. His thesis is titled "Modeling and inversion of stress-induced multicomponent seismic time shifts" and it involves geomechanics, full-waveform seismic modeling, and nonlinear inversion for reservoir parameters. Steve completed his research at CWP with guidance from Prof. Ilya Tsvankin, his advisor, and Prof. Roel Snieder, his co-advisor. Following his graduation, Steve will begin his new employment with the 4D seismic group at Shell International Exploration and Production, in Houston, Texas. Congratulations, Steve!



Steve prepares for the start of his defense


Steve defends his doctoral thesis on time-lapse seismic


Steve discusses a reference image of a seismic model


Steve addresses questions about his thesis


Congratulations, Steve!


April 8-11 visit - Nicola Bienati and Jacopo Panizzardi, Eni S.p.A.


Nicola Bienati, R&D project leader, Eni S.p.A.


Jacopo Panizzardi, R&D geophysicist, Eni S.p.A.


L-R: Prof. Paul Sava, CWP student Francesco Perrone, Panizzardi, Bienati and CWP visiting scientist Pablo García López


CWP student Bharath Shekar discusses his research with Bienati


Tongning Yang successfully defends his PhD thesis

On March 27, 2013, Tongning Yang successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. His thesis is titled "Wavefield-based velocity model building using extended images." Tongning worked under the guidance of Prof. Paul Sava, his CWP advisor, on wave-equation migration velocity analysis using extended imaging conditions. Following his graduation, he will begin his new position in Spring 2013 at BP America Production Company in Houston, Texas. Congratulations, Tongning!



L-R: Prof. Paul Sava and Tonginng smile before the thesis defense


Tongning begins his thesis defense on wavefield tomography


Tongning highlights some characteristics of a model extended image


Tongning fields questions about his presentation from faculty and students

Welcome to Joost van der Neut, CWP post-doctoral fellow

Joost_van_der_NeutThe Center for Wave Phenomena welcomes Joost van der Neut, a post-doctoral fellow from the Department of Imaging Science and Technology (IST) at the Delft University of Technology. He will be conducting research at the Colorado School of Mines from March to May 2013 in cooperation with Prof. Roel Snieder.

Welkom bij CWP, Joost! All the best with your research at CWP!



March 4-6 visit - Jim Gaiser, CGG


Jim Gaiser, CGG


Dr. Gaiser and CWP research assistant John Stockwell discuss Seismic Unix


Prof. Ilya Tsvankin (right) and Dr. Gaiser take a moment before his presentation


Dr. Gaiser outlines the flow of PS-wave processing


Dr. Gaiser addresses questions from CWP faculty and students

CWP students Filippo Broggini and Detchai Ittharat win 2013 CSM CEER Awards

Filippo Broggini

Fillippo Broggini

Filippo Broggini

Detchai Ittharat

The Center for Wave Phenomena is pleased to annouce that two of its students, Fillipo Broggini and Detchai (Pock) Ittharat, are 2013 Colorado School of Mines Conference on Earth and Energy Research (CEER) award winners. Filippo received an award for Best in CSM Geophysics, while Pock received the award for Undergraduate Winner.

Fillipo and Pock were selected from over 120 presenters. Congratulations, Filippo and Pock!



February 25-28 visit - Ehsan Naeini, Ikon Science


Ehsan Naeini, senior research geoscientist, Ikon Science


Prof. Roel Snieder (left) and Dr. Naeini in the Geophysics library room


Dr. Naeini prepares to begin his discussion about Ikon Science and its research areas


Dr. Naeini highlights a sample of Ikon's AVO modelling research


Dr. Naeini highlights challenges seen during EEI and coloured inversion

February 21 visit - Michael Slawinski, Memorial University


Michael Slawinski, professor, Memorial University


CWP faculty Prof. Ilya Tsvankin (left) and Dr. Slawinski before his presentation


Dr. Slawinski begins his presentation on effective Hookean solids


Dr. Slawinski addresses a question from Dr. Paul Fowler of WesternGeco/Schlumberger


February 19 visit - Christof Stork, Landmark Software


Christof Stork, research scientist, Landmark Software


Prof. Paul Sava poses with Dr. Stork before the start of his presentation


Dr. Stork stresses the importance of eliminating dispersion in finite difference modeling


Dr. Stork describes the effects of higher resolution on a finite modeling sample

February 4-12 visit - Gerardo Ronquillo Jarillo and Alfonso González Ibarra, Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo


Gerardo Ronquillo Jarillo, senior geophysicist, IMP


Alfonso González Ibarra, senior geophysicist, IMP


Prof. Ilya Tsvankin (5th from right) and students welcome IMP visitors to CWP


Drs. Jarillo and Ibarra confer with student Steve Smith

CWP welcomes visiting scientist Pablo David García López

pabloThe Center for Wave Phenomena welcomes visiting scientist Pablo David García López, a scientist from the Hydro-Geophysics research group at the Oviedo Escuela de Minas (School of Mines), University of Oviedo, Spain. He will be conducting research at the Colorado School of Mines during the Spring 2013 semester with Prof. Roel Snieder.

Welcome to CWP and all the best with your research, Pablo!


January 29 visit - Brad Artman and Ben Witten, Spectraseis


L-R: Ben Witten, Senior Geophysicist and Brad Artman, Principal Geophysicist, Spectraseis


Prof. Paul Sava shares a laugh with Witten and Artman before their presentation


Prof. Sava introduces Witten and Artman to CWP faculty and students


Artman explains why shallow boreholes may not always provide expected benefits

January 21-25 CWP visit - Jon Sheiman, Looking Glass Geophysics (visit sponsored by Shell International)

Jon Sheiman

Jon Sheiman, Looking Glass Geophysics


CWP student Ali Knaak and Dr. Sheiman discuss her research on 3D synthetic aperture

CWP welcomes visiting scientist Ernst Niederleithinger

ernstThe Center for Wave Phenomena welcomes visiting scientist Ernst Niederleithinger, a senior scientist and deputy division leader at BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) in Berlin. Ernst will be conducting research at the Colorado School of Mines from January to March 2013 and once again from September to November 2013. He will be working with Prof. Roel Snieder in the Department of Geophysics, as well as with Prof. Mike Mooney in the Department of Engineering.

Willkommen bei CWP, Ernst!

Pengfei Cai successfully defends his MS thesis

On January 9, 2013, Pengfei Cai successfully defended his Master of Science thesis at the Colorado School of Mines. His thesis is titled "Joint migration velocity analysis of PP- and PS-waves for VTI media." Pengfei joined CWP in August 2010 and he conducted his MSc. research under his advisor, Prof. Ilya Tsvankin. He will begin working at CGG Veritas in Houston, Texas, from mid-January 2013. Congratulations, Pengfei!


Pengfei prepares to begin his thesis defense


Discussion on joint migration velocity analysis


Pengfei highlights velocity in syncline models


Pengfei takes a question from Prof. Thomas Davis

S. Smith and I. Tsvankin's paper ranks in top 30 at 2012 SEG Annual Meeting

The e-poster by Steve Smith and Ilya Tsvankin, titled "Feasibility of inverting compaction-induced traveltime shifts for reservoir pressure," was ranked in the top 30 papers presented during the 2012 SEG Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. It should be noted that SEG received a record number of submissions for the 2012 meeting. Click here to read SEG President David Monk's January 8, 2013 letter to Steve, who presented the paper. Congratulations and very well done!

CWP welcomes a new student in January 2013

AlënaAlëna Grechishnikova informally joined the Center for Wave Phenomena from the Spring 2013 semester. During her time at CWP, Alëna will do research under the guidance of Prof. Ilya Tsvankin, her interim advisor. She is also conducting research under Dr. Tom Davis at the Reservoir Characterization Project (RCP), CWP's sister research group in the Department of Geophysics.

Welcome Alëna and all the best with your research endeavors!

Save the Date: 2013 CWP Project Review Meeting

The 2013 annual meeting of the Consortium Project on Seismic Inverse Methods for Complex Structures will take place on May 13-16, 2013 at the Denver Marriott West Hotel in Golden, Colorado. Additional details are forthcoming on this website - stay tuned!



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