We are sad to announce the passing of former CWP faculty member Vladimir Grechka, who died in a tragic accident on November 5. Vladimir had worked in CWP and the Geophysics Department from 1995-2001, first as a postdoctoral fellow and then as an associate research professor and co-leader of our consortium. After moving to Shell and then Marathon, he remained a big supporter of our group and continued to closely collaborate with the Anisotropy-Team and other CWP faculty and students. Vladimir was a brilliant scientist who has made a number of ground-breaking contributions to anisotropic seismology, microseismic inversion and processing, and fracture characterization. He has published three books, taught popular professional courses, and received multiple awards from SEG and EAGE. Vladimir’s passing is a devastating blow for the international geophysics community but he has left a legacy that all of us will greatly benefit from.

Vladimir had many friends in CWP and the department who will deeply miss him. We will remember Vladimir as an outgoing human being, always full of energy and new ideas, and extremely generous with his time whenever anyone needed his advice. Our deepest condolences go out to Vladimir’s family for their loss.