The S-team, under the direction of Dr. Roel Snieder, develops new techniques to use wavefield measurements for imaging, in particular for detecting time-dependent changes in the subsurface. Research areas include imaging using background noise as a source, imaging in unknown media, and time-dependent material properties. The team has an interdisciplinary approach in the methods that is uses, and applies these methods to a variety of applications that range from seismic imaging to monitoring dams.

Methods We Love

Marchenko Imaging

A method used to improve imaging of the Earth’s subsurface.

Seismic Interferometry

A method to cancel near-subsurface noise in seismic data.  

Super Resolution

A method used to generate high resolution images from low resolution ones. 


Time-lapse changes

A method that is used to monito seismic changes over time.

The Problems We Solve

How can we retrieve body waves between two sources?


How do we monitor a dam’s structural integrity?


How can we improve spatio-temporal focusing in time-reversal experiments?

Selected Recent Publications

Meet the Team

“Success is when simplicity of concepts, beauty of mathematics, and application to data come together to help solve problems that are of social or environmental importance. In the process we educate the next generation of researchers.”

Roel Snieder

Professor, Team Lead

“Tailings dams are almost as large as the risk they pose.”

Tjaart de Wit

PhD Candidate

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