Archived Theses


CWP-925 Thesis “Image-domain wavefield tomography in transversely isotropic media”, Vladimir Li
CWP-923 Thesis “Uncertainty quantification in seismic imaging”, Iga Pawelec
CWP-922 Thesis “Wavefield inversion and tomography using the energy norm”, Daniel Rocha
CWP-900 Thesis “A unified interpretation of nonlinear elasticity in granular solids”, Xun Li


CWP-896 Thesis: “Full waveform inversion with reflected waves for acoustic 2D VTI media”, Sonali Pattnaik
CWP-881 Thesis: “Seismic data interpolation using sparsity constrained inversion”, Lucas Almeida


CWP-880 Thesis: Esteban: “Extended imaging and tomography under two-way operators”, Diaz Pantin
CWP-879 Thesis: “Elastic wavefield migration and tomography”, Yutin Duan
CWP-878 Thesis: “Seismic waveform modeling and inversion in acoustic orthorhombic media”, Hui Wang
CWP-854 Singh, Satyan: “An inverse scattering approach to imaging using Marchenko equations in the presence of a free surface”
CWP-853 Thesis: Kamath, Nishant: “Full-waveform inversion in 2D VTI media”
CWP-848 Wu, Xinming: “3D seismic image processing for interpretation”
CWP-846 Rocha, Daniel: “Wavefield imaging using the energy norm”
CWP-845 Graziano, Christopher: “Wavelets and warping PS seismic images”

CWP-826 Wheeler, Loralee F: “Automatic and simultaneous correlation of multiple well logs”
CWP-825 Michel, Oscar Jarillo: “Estimation of microseismic source parameters by anisotropic waveform inversion”
CWP-824 Knaak, Allison: “3D synthetic aperture for controlled-source electromagnetics”
CWP-823 Kanu, Chinaemerem: “Time-lapse monitoring of localized changes within heterogeneous media with scattered waves”

CWP-822 Luo, Simon: “Improved methods of reflection seismic data processing for velocity estimation, imaging, and interpretation”
CWP-821 Bazargani, Farhad: “Optimal wave focusing for seismic source imaging”
CWP-820 Ittharat, Detchai: “3D radio reflection imaging of asteroid interiors”
CWP-789 Douma, Johannes: “Improved temporal and spatial focusing using deconvolution: Theoretical, numerical and experimental studies”
CWP-788 Muñoz, Andrew: “Automatic simultaneous multiple-well ties”
CWP-787 Díaz Pantin, Esteban: “Understanding the reverse time migration backscattering: Noise or signal?”
CWP-786 Compton, Stefan: “Automatic multicomponent image registration”

CWP-785 Shekar, Bharath: “Modeling, evaluation, and asymptotic analysis of attenuation anisotropy”
CWP-784 Perrone, Francesco: “Wavefield tomography using image-warping”
CWP-783 Jae Kwon, Myoung: “Two unconventional approaches to electromagnetic inversion – Hierarchical Bayesian Inversion and Inverse Scattering Series”
CWP-782 Broggini, Filippo: “Wave field autofocusing and applications to multidimensional deconvolution and imaging with internal multiples”
CWP-781 Nakata, Norimitsu: “Seismic interferometry for temporal monitoring”
CWP-780 Smith, Steven: “Modeling and inversion of stress-induced multicomponent seismic time shifts”
CWP-747 Yang, Tongning: “Wavefield tomography using extended images”
CWP-745 Cai, Pengfei: “Joint migration velocity analysis of PP- and PS-waves for VTI media”

CWP-744 Wang, Xiaoxiang: “Anisotropic velocity analysis of P-wave reflection and borehole data”
CWP-743 Ma, Yong: “Waveform-based velocity estimation from reflection seismic data”
CWP-742 Fleury, Clément: “Wave propagation in complex media, scattering theory and application to seismic imaging”
CWP-740 Fish, Ashley M.: “Microseismic velocity inversion and event location using reverse time imaging”