Faculty & Staff

CWP Leadership Team

Paul Sava
C.H. Green Chair of Exploration Geophysics

Imaging & Inversion

Wavefield seismic imaging and tomography, high performance computing

Jeff Shragge
Associate Professor

Computational Seismology

3D acoustic and elastic wave propagation, 3D/4D velocity inversion, 3D/4D Reverse-time migration (RTM), wave-equation migration, rock physics, computational geometry and differential meshing
signal processing, imaging

Roel Snieder
W.M. Keck Professor of Professional Development Education

Wave Theory

Wave propagation, seismic interferometry, time-lapse monitoring, focusing, Marchenko imaging

Ilya Tsvankin, Director

Wave propagation & Anisotropy

Seismic wave propagation, inversion and processing for anisotropic media, multicomponent and time-lapse seismic, fracture characterization

Antoine Guitton
Research Assistant Professor

Antoine Guitton CV


Seismic inversion (FWI, LSRTM), robust optimization (L1 norm, Huber functional, etc…) and signal processing (deconvolution).
Recently, Antoine started a project on machine learning to automatically interpret 3D seismic volumes with 3D convolutional neural networks. At CWP, one of Antoine’s goal is to instill a taste of field data in students and provide them with guidance in their research.  

Diane Witters
Adjunct Faculty


Professional Communication

Effective strategies for teaching technical writing, oral presentation, and professional skills as ongoing components in graduate degree programs

Emeritus Faculty

While still considered part of the CWP family, these faculty are no longer accepting/advising students.

Norm Bleistein
University Emeritus Professor


Ken Larner
University Emeritus Professor


Dave Hale
Emeritus Professor

research & publications

John Stockwell
Research Associate

Seismic Unix