Faculty & Staff

CWP Leadership Team

Paul Sava
C.H. Green Chair of Exploration Geophysics

Imaging & Inversion

  • Wavefield seismic imaging and tomography
  • High performance computing

Jeff Shragge
Associate Professor

Computational Seismology

  • 3D acoustic and elastic wave propagation
  • 3D/4D velocity inversion
  • 3D/4D Reverse-time migration (RTM)
  • Wave-equation migration
  • Rock physics
  • Computational geometry and differential meshing signal processing
  • Imaging

Roel Snieder
W.M. Keck Professor of Professional Development Education

Wave Theory

  • Wave propagation
  • Seismic interferometry
  • Time-lapse monitoring
  • Focusing
  • Marchenko imaging
Ilya Tsvankin
CWP Director

Wave propagation & Anisotropy

  • Seismic wave propagation
  • Inversion and processing for anisotropic media
  • Multicomponent and time-lapse seismic
  • Fracture characterization

Aaron Girard
Post-doctoral Researcher


Research areas
  • Ambient seismic signal processing for imaging and inversion
  • Seismic modelling and imaging using HPC
  • Reservoir monitoring
  • Mine site monitoring

Diego Domenzain
Post-doctoral Fellow


Research Areas

  • Inverse methods and forward modeling
  • Joint inversion of full-waveform geo-radar and electrical resistivity data
  • High resolution characterization of the shallow subsurface
  • Machine learning estimation of subsurface electrical properties

Emeritus Faculty

While still considered part of the CWP family, these faculty are no longer accepting/advising students.

Norm Bleistein
University Emeritus Professor


Ken Larner
University Emeritus Professor


Dave Hale
Emeritus Professor

research & publications

John Stockwell
Research Associate

Seismic Unix