The Data Team (D-Team), under the direction of Dr. Eileen Martin, focuses on strategies for large-scale data acquisition and analysis with applications in energy, geotechnical engineering, the environment, and infrastructure. This includes improving our use of distributed fiber-optic sensing and integration of different data sources. The team designs algorithms and software for data-intensive computing (including through data reduction, streaming and randomization) across HPC, cloud, in-the-field and edge computing resources.

High-resolution Study of Alaskan Permafrost

Our Team

Eileen Martin

Eileen Martin

Team Lead

Frantisek Stanek

Frantisek Stanek

Post-doctoral Fellow

Hafiz Issah

Hafiz Issah

MS Student

The Problems We Solve

Near surface tool

Near-surface Geophysics


Engineering Geophysics


Environmental Geophysics

Utility Poles in Urban Setting

Urban Geophysics

Creating fast algorithms for seismic data analysis

Creating algorithms for seismic data analysis

The Tools We Use

High Performance Computing

Signal Processing

Distributed Acoustic Sensing

Passive Seismic Methods

How to Apply

To be considered for the D-Team, mention the team in your statement of interest. Contact Dr. Eileen Martin, eileenrmartin@mines.edu, with questions.

Seismic monitoring in an underground mine