Archived Theses

CWP-1020 “Enhancing land seismic data with compressive sensing and processing”, Iga Pawelec, PhD thesis. 
CWP-1019 “Spatio-temporal distribution of seismic wave fields and intensities: Active source focusing and energy transfer in strongly scattering media”, Manuel Alejandro Jaimes Caballero, PhD thesis.
CWP-1016 “Data-driving and machine learning approaches for suppression of multiply reflected seismic waves”, Mert Kiraz, PhD thesis. 
CWP-1012 “Near-surface seismic characterization and monitoring: A dense seismic acquisition perspective”, Jihyun Yang, PhD thesis. 
CWP-1011 “Efficient modeling and waveform inversion of multicomponent seismic data for anisotropic media”, Harpreet Sethi, PhD thesis.
CWP-1010 “Wavefield reconstruction using seismic interferometry and compressive sensing”, Patipan Saengduean, PhD thesis.

CWP-992 Odette Aragao: “Probabilistic model constraints for full-waveform inversion”, PhD thesis.
CWP-990 Cullen Young: “Reverse-time migration of a methane gas hydrate distributed acoustic sensing three-dimensional vertical seismic profile dataset”, MS thesis.
CWP-989 Tugrul Konuk: “Tensorial elastodynamics and acoustodynamics for generalized seismic migration and inversion applications”, PhD thesis.
CWP-988 Sagar Singh: “Application of facies constraints and machine learning to full-waveform inversion for anisotropic media”, PhD thesis.
CWP-987 Can Oren: “Elastic time-reverse imaging and transmission tomography for microseismic and DAS VSP data”, PhD thesis.

CWP-948 Thomas Rapstine: “Towards airborne measurements of ground displacement”, PhD thesis.
CWP-947 Yogesh Arora: “Processing and traveltime inversion of seismic diffractions in anisotropic media”, PhD thesis.

CWP-946 Xueyi Jia: “Marchenko imaging for 2D and 3D complex structures – with field applications to sub-salt and sub-basalt imaging”, PhD thesis.
CWP-945 Aaron Prunty: “Target-oriented imaging of acoustic media using unknown and uncontrolled random sources”, PhD thesis.
CWP-937 Oscar Jarillo Michel: “Elastic waveform inversion of microseismic data in anisotropic media”, PhD thesis.
CWP-926 Tong Bai: “Modeling, imaging and waveform inversion in attenuative anisotropic media”, PhD thesis.

CWP-925 Vladimir Li: “Image-domain wavefield tomography in transversely isotropic media”, PhD thesis.
CWP-923 Iga Pawelec: “Uncertainty quantification in seismic imaging”, MS thesis.
CWP-922 Daniel Rocha: “Wavefield inversion and tomography using the energy norm”, PhD thesis.
CWP-900 Xun Li: “A unified interpretation of nonlinear elasticity in granular solids”, MS thesis.

CWP-896 Sonali Pattnaik: “Full waveform inversion with reflected waves for acoustic 2D VTI media”, MS thesis.
CWP-881 Lucas Andrade de Almeida: “Seismic data interpolation using sparsity constrained inversion”, MS thesis. 

CWP-880 Esteban Diaz Pantin: “Extended imaging and tomography under two-way operators”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-879 Yutin Duan: “Elastic wavefield migration and tomography”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-878 Hui Wang: “Seismic waveform modeling and inversion in acoustic orthorhombic media”, MS thesis. 
CWP-854 Satyan Singh: “An inverse scattering approach to imaging using Marchenko equations in the presence of a free surface”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-853 Nishant Kamath: “Full-waveform inversion in 2D VTI media”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-848 Xinming Wu: “3D seismic image processing for interpretation”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-846 Daniel Rocha: “Wavefield imaging using the energy norm”, MS thesis. 
CWP-845 Christopher Graziano: “Wavelets and warping PS seismic images”, MS thesis. 

CWP-826 Loralee Wheeler: “Automatic and simultaneous correlation of multiple well logs”, MS thesis. 
CWP-825 Oscar Jarillo Michel: “Estimation of microseismic source parameters by anisotropic waveform inversion”, MS thesis. 
CWP-824 Allison Knaak: “3D synthetic aperture for controlled-source electromagnetics”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-823 Chinaemerem Kanu: “Time-lapse monitoring of localized changes within heterogeneous media with scattered waves”, PhD thesis. 

CWP-822 Simon Luo: “Improved methods of reflection seismic data processing for velocity estimation, imaging, and interpretation”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-821 Farhad Bazargani: “Optimal wave focusing for seismic source imaging”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-820 Detchai Ittharat: “3D radio reflection imaging of asteroid interiors”, MS thesis. 
CWP-789 Johannes Douma: “Improved temporal and spatial focusing using deconvolution: Theoretical, numerical and experimental studies”, MS thesis. 
CWP-788 Andrew Muñoz: “Automatic simultaneous multiple-well ties”, MS thesis. 
CWP-787 Esteban Díaz Pantin: “Understanding the reverse time migration backscattering: Noise or signal?”, MS thesis.
CWP-786 Stefan Compton: “Automatic multicomponent image registration”, MS thesis. 

CWP-785 Bharath Shekar: “Modeling, evaluation, and asymptotic analysis of attenuation anisotropy”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-784 Francesco Perrone: “Wavefield tomography using image-warping”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-783 Myoung Jae Kwon: “Two unconventional approaches to electromagnetic inversion – Hierarchical Bayesian Inversion and Inverse Scattering Series”, MS thesis. 
CWP-782 Filippo Broggini: “Wave field autofocusing and applications to multidimensional deconvolution and imaging with internal multiples”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-781 Norimitsu Nakata: “Seismic interferometry for temporal monitoring”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-780 Steven Smith: “Modeling and inversion of stress-induced multicomponent seismic time shifts”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-747 Tongning Yang: “Wavefield tomography using extended images”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-745 Pengfei: Cai “Joint migration velocity analysis of PP- and PS-waves for VTI media”, MS thesis. 

CWP-744 Xiaoxiang Wang: “Anisotropic velocity analysis of P-wave reflection and borehole data”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-743 Yong Ma: “Waveform-based velocity estimation from reflection seismic data”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-742 Clément Fleury: “Wave propagation in complex media, scattering theory and application to seismic imaging”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-740 Ashley Fish “Microseismic velocity inversion and event location using reverse time imaging”, MS thesis. 

CWP-702 Thomas Cullison: “An image-guided method for automatically picking common-image-point gather locations from seismic images”, MS thesis.

CWP-677 Christopher Engelsma: “Interpretation of 3D seismic images using an interactive image-guided paintbrush”, MS thesis.
CWP-676 Yuanzhong Fan: “‘Virtual source’ methods for diffusive fields”, PhD thesis.
CWP-675 Jia Yan: “Wave-mode separation for elastic imaging in transversely isotropic media”, PhD thesis.
CWP-674 Yong Ma: “Full waveform inversion with image-guided gradient”, MS thesis.
CWP-673 Yongxia Liu: “Gaussian beam modeling in heterogenous anisotropic media”, MS thesis.
CWP-643 Derek Parks: “Seismic image flattening as a linear inverse problem”, MS thesis. 

CWP-640 Ran Xuan: “Probabilistic micro-earthquake location for reservoir monitoring”, MS thesis.
CWP-639 Jyoti Behura: “Estimation and analysis of attenuation anisotropy”, PhD thesis.
CWP-617 Rodrigo Fuck: “Modeling of seismic signatures for reservoir characterization: Applications involving fracture- and stress-induced seismic velocity anisotropy”, PhD thesis.

CWP-618 Gabriela Melo: “Range and resolution analysis of wide azimuth angle decomposition”, MS thesis.
CWP-614 John Mathewson: “Detection of channels in seismic images using the steerable pyramid”, MS thesis. 

CWP-581 Ivan Vasconcelos: “Interferometry in perturbed media”, PhD thesis.
CWP-580 Kurang Mehta: “The Virtual Source Method: Implementation issues, improvement using wavefield separation and application to time-lapse monitoring”, PhD thesis. 

CWP-560 Xiaoxia (Ellen) Xu: “Anisotropic geometrical-spreading correction and its application in azimuthal AVO analysis”, PhD thesis.
CWP-549 Huub Douma: “A hybrid formulation of map migration and wave-equation-based migration using curvelets”, PhD thesis.

CWP-494 Matthew Haney: “An investigation of sealing and episodic pulsing of fluids at a minibasin-bounding growth fault from seismic reflection images”, PhD thesis.
CWP-492 Alexandre Grêt: Time-lapse monitoring with coda wave interferometry”, PhD thesis.
CWP-489 Carlos Pacheco: “Time-lapse monitoring with multiply scattered waves”, MS thesis.
CWP-470 Dongje Cheng: “Inversion of gravity data for base salt”, MS thesis.

CWP-464 Debashish Sarkar: “Migration velocity analysis in factorized VTI media”, PhD thesis.
CWP-462 Albena Mateeva: “Thin horizontal layering as a stratigraphic filter in absorption estimation and seismic deconvolution”, PhD thesis.
CWP-461 Kasper van Wijk: “Multiple scattering of surface waves”, PhD thesis. 

CWP-442 Andrés Pech: “Velocity analysis for laterally heterogeneous anisotropic media”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-400 Peter Jílek: “Modeling and inversion of converted-wave reflection coefficients in anisotropic media: A tool for quantitative AVO analysis”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-437 Reynaldo Cardona: “Fluid substitution theories and multicomponent seismic characterization”, PhD thesis.
CWP-434 Valmore Celis: “Selective-correlation velocity analysis”, MS thesis.

CWP-395 Jérôme Le Rousseau: “Microlocal analysis of wave-equation imaging and generalized-screen propagators”, PhD thesis.
CWP-394 Sverre Brandsberg-Dahl: “Imaging-inversion and migration velocity analysis in the scattering angle/azimuth domain”, PhD thesis.
CWP-358 Baoniu Han: “A comparison of four closely related depth migration methods”, MS thesis.

CWP-357 Lan Wang: “Estimation of multi-valued Green’s function by dynamic ray tracing and true amplitude Kirchoff inversion in 3-D heterogeneous media”, PhD thesis. 

CWP-296 Zhaobo Meng: “Tetrahedral based Earth models, ray tracing in tetrahedral models and analytical migration velocity analysis”, PhD thesis.

CWP-290 Alberto Villarreal: “Distributed seismic modeling”, MS thesis.
CWP-284 Herman Jaramillo: “Seismic data mapping”, PhD thesis.

CWP-240 Gabriel Perez: “The quality of the surface-consistency assumption in residual-status estimation”, MS thesis. 
CWP-239 Hongling Lydia Deng: “A complexity analysis of generic optimization problems: Characterizing the topography of high-dimensional functions”, PhD thesis. 

CWP-237 Trino Salinas: “The influence of near-surface time anomalies in the imaging process”, MS thesis.
CWP-236 Tariq Alkhalifah: “Seismic processing in transversely isotropic media”, PhD thesis.
CWP-235 Andreas Rüger: “Reflection coefficients and azimuthal AVO analysis in anisotropic media”, PhD thesis. 
CWP-234 AbdulFattah Al-Dajani: “Reflection moveout and parameter estimation for horizontal transverse isotropy”, MS thesis.
CWP-233 Wenceslau Peres Gouveia, Jr.: “Bayesian seismic waveform data inversion: Parameter estimation and uncertainty analysis”, PhD thesis.
CWP-204 Alejandro Murillo: “Distributed seismic unix”, MS thesis.
CWP-201 John Anderson: “Imaging in transversely isotropic media with a vertical symmetry axis”, PhD thesis.

CWP-196 Tong Chen: “Seismic data compression”, MS thesis.
CWP-195 Gabriel Alvarez De La Hoz: “A comparison of moveout-based approaches to suppression of ground-roll and multiples”, MS thesis.
CWP-186 Timo Tjan: “Residual statics estimation for data from structurally complex areas using prestack depth migration”, MS thesis. 
CWP-177 Boyi Ou: “2.5-D common offset inversion in triangulated background models of the Earth”, MS thesis.
CWP-168 Zhenyue Liu: “Migration velocity analysis”, PhD thesis.
CWP-163 Omar Uzcategui: “Depth migration in transversely isotropic media with explicit operators”, PhD thesis. 

CWP-132 Mohammed Alfaraj: “Transformation to zero offset for mode-converted waves”, PhD thesis. 

CWP-059 Bruce Gordon Zuver: “Asymptotic Fourier Iintegral operator methods applied to the inverse problems of geometric acoustics”, PhD thesis.